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The security industry is brimming with new technologies with the increasing need for improved and intelligent security measures. In a world where just about everything we need is stored within a 15 inch smartphone we can control our home televisions and air conditioners from while we’re still at work, it seems only natural that they have become a significant part of the security industry.


Smartphones have been used by many organisations and home owners as part of digital and physical security plans for some years. The benefit of smartphones is that they have high speed data capacities and WiFi enabled upload and download of information instantly.
There are already many simple smartphone apps home and business owners can use for their security monitoring of their premises.

Many security plans including alarm devices, video monitoring systems and access controls are built with system integration with smartphones and other mobile devices and security courses Perth-based and around the world are starting to add them into their training plans.

New technologies are always being harnessed and adapted to suit different industries and with smartphones, there are a variety of inbuilt features that will influence the security plans into the future.
Bluetooth radios use only a small amount of power and Radio Frequency Identification for access controls is already replacing traditional access cards around the world. Security courses Perth security businesses trust are encouraging their students to think outside the box (and inside a smartphone) when it comes to effective integrated security solutions.

Into the future, the smartphone security influence will be around input and output functions and digital radios as well as sensors. Smartphones include gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers which can provide high level detail and information about the immediate proximity of the smartphone and therefore the person holding it and the people around them.

GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi features will be used to develop apps to provide details of staff during emergencies for instance. This kind of technology is useful for information sharing between the security centre and the employees of global companies.


When it comes to smartphones, and this almost ‘Big Brother’ approach to employees and security, there is always a concern around privacy and the consent of allowing an organisation access to this information.
Most security leaders would argue the benefits to the organisation outweigh any privacy concerns, but where staff information is concerned, there should always be clear policies within an organisation regarding who can access the information and under what circumstances they can access that information to ensure the integrity of the feature’s use.

As technology changes and develops, smartphones have become a logical platform for security control and they will only continue to become more prevalent in the industry.

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