To: Ray Mancini Academy

by / Wednesday, 11 February 2015 / Published in

I’m still not sure which feeling was more exhilarating, the one where I was holding a gun (Glock 40) for the very first time in my life, or the absolute excitement and elation I had after firing it.

It was amazing Ray Mancini from RAY MANCINI ACADEMY ran me through all the safety rules, do’s and highlighted the don’ts. I loved the seriousness and professionalism that was being directed, it was very clear that this gun was not a toy.

I am 39, single mother of 3 and at this point in my life I seriously didn’t think it could get any better. It was an amazing, fulfilling and empowering experience.

Who would have ever imagined that after 20 minutes of listening and learning that I would be walking and shooting with a Glock 40. For some reason I picked it up really easy. Wow this was easier than cooking dinner.

Every time the gun was fired it was on the command of Ray and safety was of the highest level at all times.

Let me tell you this is definitely something I would recommend people to do in their life, it opens up a whole new level of confidence within yourself.

One day I will also take my children, I would like my children to be involved in the shooting sports and maybe seek a career in policing one day.

I have the fullest confidence in Ray to train my children in gun safety and shooting a weapon, I know my children will walk away from that experience with a whole different outlook on guns and a new appreciation of their value.

I cannot thank you enough Ray, your knowledge is priceless and your attention to detail a pleasure to watch and experience first hand.

I just hope I can get back over to Perth for some more training…. Look out….and thank you again.