Ray Mancini was the founder of SIG GROUP and for the last 12 years has worked vigorously to build, and develop a well-equipped Registered Training Organisation dedicated to the development and training of law enforcement and private security professionals throughout the world.

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Mission Statement

Mancini’s great success is the result of delivering exceptional security and firearms training to students and law enforcement specialists on both a national and international level. SIG GROUP has even extended its operations internationally, with offices based in Australia, Ukraine, Italy and America which also deliver state of the art security training services to law enforcement specialists and security consultants.

Ray’s passion for working with others to address the need for personal safety has deemed beneficial and is highly regarded by the students who have undertaken training at the academy. Ray prides himself on delivering the best quality training and investing time and resources to invest in a team of highly experienced industry based experts in the fields of security consulting, law enforcement and policing.

Ray has over 20 years of experience working as a Private Security Contractor, Security Consultant, Trainer and Firearms Instructor. Ray would now like to extend his vision about providing the highest quality security and safety training, by sharing his personal knowledge, expertise and passion with students and other law enforcement specialists to help raise awareness about the importance of officer safety and public safety.

The drive and motivation to assist students, has inspired Ray to focus on raising the standard of training currently provided to students in the security industry, by providing an array of accurate and up-to date learning resources. Ray’s vision is to invest in highly talented individuals who can bring together their ideas and experience within a dynamic team environment to contribute to continuous improvement. Ray would now like to extend this vision with the right people, with the appropriate skill sets, and together with a sense of purpose to deliver the most reputable training services in the world!

With a reputable platform already established, and a successful international track record, with many positive national and global affiliations with security organisations and law enforcement specialists, Ray is proud to have founded the