This course is designed for those who have experience within the surveillance field and are looking to expand their skill set.


80 Hours / 10 full days.

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This course is delivered to learners through classroom tuition and in house demonstration of techniques. The course involves various “hands on” examples. A large portion of the course is conducted in “real life” structured scenarios in and out of shopping centres, busy city streets and residential areas. The course takes in operating conditions such as daylight, low light and darkness. These scenarios commence at generic level, and build confidence and competency in the surveillance operatives throughout the course. Individual and team briefings and debriefings are provided on every occasion and where appropriate can be conducted in the field. Learners are also tasked in their own time to provide extra surveillance documentation including reconnaissance reports and counter surveillance routes. Surveillance Operatives will be further tested through being approached and tested to reveal their cover story.


This course introduces and reinforces the learners to key foot surveillance outcomes which include:

  • The collection of evidence and intelligence
  • Performing foot surveillance individually
  • Performing foot surveillance in teams
  • Obtaining covert footage using different mediums
  • Using observation posts
  • Working in conjunction with CCTV systems
  • Communication / Communication Styles / Communication Equipment
  • Maintaining Operational Safety
  • Maintaining a Sense of Purpose in all situations
  • Reconnaissance
  • Use of cover stories, supporting equipment and documentation
  • Controlling a subject
  • Maintaining security of self and others
  • Planning a surveillance operation
  • Public Transport and Surveillance
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Anti Surveillance

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Fitness. Learners must possess a level of fitness that will ensure that they are able to walk and run whilst carrying covert equipment over long periods.

Clothing. Learners are to ensure that they have the appropriate clothing to blend in to various environments.

Classroom. Access to a classroom and amenities is required to present electronic forms of learning throughout the course. Separate areas are also required to conduct individual de briefings. It is desirable (but not essential) that the classroom is located near to an area suitable to conduct some foot surveillance activities.

Vehicles to assist in transport to specific locations.

Subjects for surveillance are to be provided by the agency undertaking the training. Subjects may be a mix of learners and supervisors and will be briefed on specific routes to take relevant to the activities and outcomes to be achieved.


At the completion of the CONDUCT ADVANCED FOOT SURVEILLANCE course all learners will have attained a level of competency and confidence to be able to perform foot surveillance without supervision.

Please feel free to call or email the RAY MANCINI ACADEMY Student Services with any questions. Phone: 1300 841 871 – Email:

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