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Are you trained to help your partner or any person with life threatening haemorrhage from any cause, but particularly from a terror or active shooter incident where there may be a delayed response, which can result in victims' death from exsanguination?

Rapid changes in the global environment have given rise to the Emergency Responder Training. The increase in terrorism and violent crimes across international platforms has placed a significant importance on the need to provide an advanced level of safety and Emergency Responder Training, specifically tailored to the “tactical” environment, to ensure that law enforcement and security professionals are highly trained and prepared to deal with emergency situations, to provide a higher level of public safety and officer safety.

The Emergency Responder programme was created in response to the increase in terror attacks, stabbing rampage, gun violence and incidents resulting in mass casualties.

The programme is aimed at improving survival of victims suffering blood loss caused by life-threatening injuries. Due to the rapid rate at which a person can bleed to death (less than five minutes), it is incredibly difficult for emergency responders to arrive on scene within the vital time frame. If the injury is not treated immediately, the chances of survival significantly reduce for someone suffering from rapid blood loss. Emergency Responder Training aims to breach this gap, providing law enforcement officers and armed professionals with the necessary training to help prevent fatal blood loss before emergency and trained medical professionals can attend the scene. This training includes bleeding control, tourniquet training, and haemostatic dressing applications. Preventing significant blood loss in an injured person plays a vital role in prolonging their life in the case of serious injury.

The emphasis on stress management is a key component within the course, as the human bodies sympathetic nervous system becomes vastly triggered. Monitoring stress and anxiety levels is even more important, in a tactical environment, where significant wound injuries may be present, or there may be loss of limbs or significant bleeding. The Emergency Responder Training is specifically designed to equip law enforcement and security professionals with hands on and practical skills, which are multi-facet and vastly adaptable across various tactical environments.

The Emergency Responder Training has been designed to provide the necessary skills to manage firearm related injuries and sharp force trauma prior to pre-hospital care provider’s arrival on scene.

The Emergency Responder Training revolves around a 5-hour intensive industry leading classroom and practical skill curriculum.

The course is presented via a combination of structured tutorials, workshops, case studies, video, practical assignments and workplace application. Individual and group work activities and assessment activities are conducted throughout the course.

All trainers and assessors are recognised industry experts, holding relevant experience and training qualifications. They include security industry specialists, former and current serving, military personnel and emergency response and paramedical specialists.

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There are formal prerequisites for Tactical Emergency Responder Training; this course is only offered to law enforcement officers or armed private security professionals. Basic language and literacy and numeracy skills are essential.

This will not transform the students into doctors/paramedics, with any wild or wonderful surgical or medical interventions. IT WILL however give the participant the skills to identify serious ballistic/firearm related injuries and give them simple but effective interventions to give the patient the best chance of survival after a firearms related incident.

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  • Defensive Tactical Handgun
  • Range Safety Officer / Range Manager
  • Firearms Instructor

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