This course is designed for those who work in the surveillance industry and have recognised that they need to enhance their skill set in obtaining and maintaining short and long term observation posts using principles of camouflage and concealment.


40 Hours / 5 full days.

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This course is delivered to learners through classroom tuition and in house demonstration of techniques. The course involves various “hands on” examples and demonstrations of differing equipment options for camouflage and concealment in a variety of circumstances. A large portion of the course is conducted in “real life” structured scenarios in rural environments. These scenarios commence at generic level, and build confidence and competency in the surveillance operatives throughout the course. Individual and team briefings and debriefings are provided on every occasion and where appropriate can be conducted in the field. The course is conducted as safely as possible and is designed to promote confidence in the learners.


This course reinforces and practices key camouflage and concealment principles which include:

  • Navigation techniques
  • Reconnaissance
  • Equipment Familiarisation
  • Stalking techniques
  • Establishing an observation post
  • Using observation posts
  • Communication
  • Drop off and pick up techniques
  • Obtaining evidentiary imagery
  • Maintaining Operational Safety
  • Maintaining a Sense of Purpose in all situations
  • Use of cover stories, supporting equipment and documentation
  • Maintaining security of self and others

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Classroom. Access to a classroom and amenities is required to present electronic forms of learning throughout the early part of the course. Separate areas are also required to conduct individual de briefings. It is desirable (but not essential) that the classroom is located near to an area suitable to conduct some training activities.

Vehicles. Fleet vehicles from the host agency are to be used. Assessors will travel with learners in vehicles on some occasions.

Subjects for surveillance are to be provided by the agency undertaking the training. Subjects will be briefed on specific routes to take relevant to the activities and outcomes to be achieved.

Location. The training requires rural locations to conduct the training in. The last exercise is long and arduous and involves working through part or all of the night to achieve objectives.


At the completion of the CAMOUFLAGE AND CONCEALMENT course all learners will have attained a level of competency and confidence to be able to perform Camouflage and Concealment duties in short term and long term roles independently and in teams.

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