We offer a broad range of security services that can be combined and tailored to deliver the level of protection your organisation needs for your property, assets, and people.

We recognise the unique elements that impact the delivery of services for each of our individual clients. Hence, we provide a tailored service to best suit unique needs and environment.

Our security specialists assess the potential threats and areas of vulnerability and develop plans and security measures that reduce or mitigate possible risks. Our services are focussed on prevention and awareness rather than simply responding to incidents. RAY MANCINI builds mutually beneficial working relationships with our clients that are founded on open and honest communications, and reliable service and advice.

We are a company that sets out to know our client’s business and provide the best solutions.

At SIG, we take pride in our work. We apply industry best practices to all aspects of our services to ensure that our customers receive a consistent and reliable service. We are also proactive in ensuring that our practices are fully compliant with all government legislation.

Occupational Safety and Health is a major focus in our organisation. We do not want harm of any sort to come to any of our employees, clients or members of the public. We are extremely vigilant in training our staff and regularly reviewing our practices to ensure they minimise potential risks.


One of the key differences of SIG, compared with many other security providers, is our HR division and our staff hiring policy. We aim to simply to be the best professional security outfit in the world. To be the best, we must hire the best.

Our security personnel are hand-picked, experienced professionals, who are able to demonstrate acute observation skills, and controlled demeanour in high-pressure situations. RAY MANCINI seeks personnel with extensive military, police and similar backgrounds to bring a unique level of experience and skills to our team.

Each member of our team undergoes an exhaustive induction process to familiarise them self with our policies for customer service, product knowledge, occupational safety and health, RAY MANCINI SOPs, procedures and communication skills. The result is a close-knit team of professional security officers and loss prevention team with a balanced range of skill sets. These are our reassurances that we are committed to protecting your people and securing your assets.


RAY MANCINI can provide your company with the latest security knowledge, expertise and dedicated security professionals and consultants to assist in minimising your risks.

Our staff are experienced and we currently provides security and consulting services to well known international and national transport and logistic companies.

Services can be provided to improve your company’s security ratings with various organisations such as the Technology Assets Protection Association (TAPA), or to assist in securing that elusive contract with a prospective client. RAY MANCINI also provides services that can actually reduce your company’s costs and risks such as:

  • Access control solutions;
  • TAPA internal audits and consultation;
  • Drug and alcohol testing;
  • Chep and Loscam pallet control and audits to reduce losses;
  • Conducting vehicle audits including pre-delivery audits;
  • Providing security audits of your company’s premises;
  • Scanning and securing high value/risk freight; and
  • Refuel your company’s vehicles after hours.

CLICK HERE to read the article our CEO Ray Mancini has published on security within the transport logistics industry.


Shopping centres have become a prime target for bomb terrorist threats, as well as hoaxes. Security in these venues is no longer simply about resolving petty chrome such as shoplifting, car theft and vandalism. Shopping centre management must take serious action in preventative measures and preparation to respond to a growing number of potential threats. Planning security patrols, surveillance and detection measures are only a part of the task at hand.

These days it is vital to have detailed plans that are ready to implement at a moment’s notice for evacuation, hostage situations, mass violence and bomb threats. There also needs to be plans to handle mass public hysteria, the ensuing media frenzy and ongoing public relations to protect the reputation of the centre. SIG’s team is designed with complementary skill sets to handle all of the above scenarios and more. Our specialists in K9 Security, crowd control, static security, major events, and crisis management will work together with you to assess, plan and implement an appropriate level of coverage for your centre.


SIG’s CEO, Ray Mancini, is an expert in the field of workplace violence prevention. RAY MANCINI will help you develop policies and implement training for all staff in anticipating, detecting and reacting to workplace violence, which can save lives and reduce your businesses liability. Whether you are faced with a distraught employee, angry customer, or a visit from an abusive spouse, your employees deserve protection with pre-planning of your response to the threat.


Our security personnel are highly qualified and experienced in many aspects of security including crowd control. The team are thoroughly trained in customer service, occupational health and safety, first aid, loss prevention, control room operation and emergency response.


A patrol service’s main function is to act, as a deterrent against would-be thefts or vandals on the premises being patrolled. The effectiveness of the patrol service depends greatly upon the number and a frequency of patrol passes; our mobile patrol units will conduct checks of sites outside the business hours. The checks may be time specific or random, with a specified number of checks within a set time frame and may be restricted.


RAY MANCINI stands out from other security providers because of distinctive points of difference.

The points of difference are:

  • RAY MANCINI GROUP is a worldwide company and has experience working with varied local and foreign governments, law enforcement and security agencies.
  • RAY MANCINI GROUP offers continuously training to all of our staff through our state-oft-he-art training facility and registered training organisation, to ensure that they are able to deliver professional service and they maintain compliant with the law and our company policies.
  • RAY MANCINI GROUP training procedures are grounded in leading research from the legal, medical, psychological and physiological fields.
  • RAY MANCINI GROUP experts are members of different Advisory Council where they provide a wealth of knowledge including consultancy services, strategy planning and guidance to industry and associations.
  • RAY MANCINI GROUP exercises a flexible and tailored approach to your unique environment.
  • RAY MANCINI GROUP has the ability to provide an end-to-end service such as consulting, planning, training, implementation and review.
  • RAY MANCINI GROUP has highly experienced and expert personnel from all different areas of law enforcement and military.
  • RAY MANCINI GROUP senior management has over 177 years of combined relative industry experience.
  • RAY MANCINI GROUP has impeccable track record and excellent reputation in providing high-end security and law enforcement training and security services in Australia and throughout the world for over the past 20 years.
  • Excellent customer service and attention to detail.
  • RAY MANCINI GROUP is innovative, with a desire to continually improve and provide the highest standards of service to the security industry. We are people of action who strive for the best in everything we do. To be the best, we recruit the best.




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