7 helpful tips to use in your job search

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Out of work and looking for a new job? You might stay more motivated and feel as though you’re making better progress if you create a strategic plan for finding your next job. That is, make your job finding a job.

Some job searchers become obsessed with the process, spending valuable waking hours job hunting on the internet that leads to feeling tired, miserable, and no further ahead. If this describes you, it may be time to make some changes to your job hunt strategy.

Schedule: First, set aside time when you’ll work on job hunting. If you set parameters, you’ll be less likely to stay up late into the night or become discouraged after a lengthy fruitless search. Setting out a time frame is important so you can give attention to your heath, appearance, mental attitude, and relationships as well. When job hunting time is up, go do something fun.

Search: To find jobs to apply to, search online job banks such as

but also identify organizations you might like to work at. You can visit their websites and search under their employment category to see if there are openings. Also consider working with a human resource consulting firm, or employment agency. They’re good at finding jobs that may never be advertised.https://www.raymancini.academy/position-vacant/

Network: Let friends and relatives know you’re looking for work. If you go to a social event where you’re meeting people for the first time, mention your job search to them. Talk to people you meet at the dog park, at church, at stores, and so on. Don’t be overbearing, but do take a risk. You never know where the right lead will come from.

Use Care: When applying to an advertised security job, read the ad thoroughly and include all they ask in your application. Align your letter and resume with the needs of the organization. Proofread everything–a candidate who cannot spell or follow simple directions may be quickly passed over.

Listen: When invited for an interview, be a good listener. By doing so you’ll be better equipped to respond to questions and to know what questions to ask. Rephrase or echo back what the interviewer is saying so he or she will know you understand what is being said. Listen more than you talk.

Demonstrate: Employers will evaluate you on soft skills or emotional intelligence as well as your work experience and other attributes. Show your emotional intelligence in the interview by your behaviour. Employers value candidates who can make eye contact, have good posture, and who smile. They value a positive pleasant attitude, so resist telling them about all the tough breaks you’ve had.

Use Examples: Employers will assess how well you’ll fit into their culture. They may try to assess how big the learning curve might be for you. They’ll be looking for clues about your ability to adapt, so have a few good examples ready to tell them about, if needed. The more you know about the job ahead of time, the more prepared you can be with your answers.

It’s important to stay resilient during the job search phase. Don’t panic if you are turned down. A company you interview with may like you a lot, but there may be stiff competition for the position. Or they might feel you’re better suited to another culture. If that’s the case, they’ll be doing you a favour by passing you over. It’s important both the employer and employee have the right fit for long-term success.

Keep at it, dig hard, and stay positive. Put these tips into practice and you’ll be prepared when the right job opportunity comes along.

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Good luck with your future.