Your resume is often the first thing a prospective employer sees, so you want to make sure it includes accurate and carefully worded descriptions of your background and skills as a security officer. But writing a resume isn’t just about what to include on the page; what not to include can be equally important. In

So you’ve graduated as a security officer – Congratulations! What happens next you may ask? We believe that a student earning their Certificate II or above as a Security Officer is a great testament to their personal character as someone who would like to help the wider community. A security officer course is an investment


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The security industry is brimming with new technologies with the increasing need for improved and intelligent security measures. In a world where just about everything we need is stored within a 15 inch smartphone we can control our home televisions and air conditioners from while we’re still at work, it seems only natural that they

The presence of security guards can make all the difference to protecting your property but there are also a number of technologies you can employ to further secure your property and digital information and assist your security guards to do their job as effectively as possible.

With the recent ‘flash-mob’ theft and assaults occurring in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve it’s important to note that flash-mob robberies are not a new occurrence, nor should this be disregarded as a one-off.

There is a lot of misconception as to what it really means to be a security guard, what a security guard’s role is and what it really takes.

An important step in landing the right security job!- You only get one chance to make a first impression – a statement that’s never truer than when you submit your CV. If it doesn’t stand out, it’s just bin fodder.

What To Look For In A Security Guard

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Any business that wants to ensure optimal physical security needs a great security team that will keep their buildings, assets, people, and operations guarded and safe. However, creating a top-notch security team means finding team leaders and team members with the qualities necessary to create a professional security operation. Here are some of the characteristics

The foreign affairs bureaucracy has many layers and is composed of many (sometimes competing) departments, which are bureaucratic in nature. Basically, that means that the departments involved engage in groupthink, they…

I truly believe that without intensive expert training on the weapon system that you carry on duty, you are way MORE dangerous to yourself, and the public than you were without one. Carrying a firearm for duty as an armed professional wether you’re…