Judo – a popular international sport

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Different people have many varied connotations of Judo as a martial art form. The reality is that Judo offers a complete way of life. Judo is also considered by many to be a form of self-defense, a fun and exciting sport, an art form, or just an enjoyable hobby or pastime. Regardless of your personal experience or understanding of Judo, all of these descriptions hold true.

The martial art of Judo originally developed its foundations from an historical Japanese feudal fighting method in the early 1880s. Over the decades, the Judo system was born from martial art style jujitsu. Jujitsu is many hundreds of years old and is one of the most ancient martial arts still practiced in modern times.


In 1964, Judo was introduced to the international sporting world at the Summer Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan. The popularity of Judo exploded around the world and is today studied and practiced by millions of people from all corners of the globe. Amongst other benefits, Judo offers students a way to keep fit, participation in a competitive sport, and the chance to improve their self-defense skills. Most people are involved in Judo for social interaction and fun, but some students develop a strong passion for the sport, turning it from a pastime into a way of life.


Judo has similar safeguards to those of other martial art styles that emphasize the safety of the sport’s competitors. Competitive tournaments are available to Judo students wishing to assess their skill level against their peers. Competitions are held from the grassroots club level all the way through to the international arena, with the Olympic Games among the most prestigious.

Incredible throwing moves are synonymous with Judo. Most people are not aware of the other skills involved in Judo, such as ground level grappling, control techniques, arm and leg locks, and head restraints. All components of sound self-defense skills are taught in Judo, as well as strong grappling techniques.


Judo has also gained appeal thanks to the fact that just about anyone can be a student. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, young or old. And the sport even provides instruction for those with a disability. Judo has a strong appeal internationally and it is a low-cost pastime that can be practiced throughout the year, regardless of the climate or season.


The art of Judo also promotes respect and self-discipline amongst its students. Judo can provide students with the chance to improve their self-confidence and leadership strengths, and it can provide the physical benefits of strength, flexibility, and power. Judo provides separate ranking systems for children, men, and women, and has developed from a combat technique into a competitive sport.

The word Judo translates to “gentle way” and is linked with a martial art strongly associated with self-defense skills and competition sport. Judo is quite a unique martial art form, combining the benefits of grapple techniques with effective throwing skills, which rely more on body position than pure brute strength. It is a wonderful martial art that everyone can benefit from in a fun and respectful way.

Ray Mancini