To: Ray Mancini Academy

by / Friday, 13 February 2015 / Published in

Completing the Tactical Pistol I Course with Ray Mancini of RAY MANCINI ACADEMY Perth was, by far, the most interesting and enjoyable course I have ever attended.

The staff are courteous, professional, approachable and very experienced. The direction provided by Ray on the range was clear and concise and accompanied by simple demonstrations. At no time was I subjected to long-winded “war stories”, overly complicated explanations or emotional rants.

Ray’s training was done in a progressive manner and while safety was the priority at all times, it did not impinge on the efficiency or realism of the training. The emphasis was hands-on drills, each with direct application to real world scenarios. The training priority on each day was providing as much shooting time for the student as possible.

Activities were conducted in a relaxed, although not lax, environment. After over 18 years of attending military and government courses of varying types, this course was a breath of fresh air in terms of simplicity, good humour and imagination. The information and the drills were no-nonsense and realistic.

Quite apart from the training, the hospitality shown by Ray was outstanding.

I thoroughly recommend the RAY MANCINI ACADEMY Perth for anyone who carries a handgun as part of their profession. I learned more about pistol shooting in three days with SIG, than in almost two decades of military service and had a great deal of fun doing it.